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There are a large variety of uses for the Guides, depending on the nature of your connection with sport.
The Guides appeal to everyone from young people up and their ability to be customised and their
uniqueness will make them a valuable product for anyone connected to sport.  

A Few Examples:  

Send out your Guide to your customer database prior to a sporting event you sponsor in order to ensure your
customers know about your support for this event or sport. Offer your Guides with products sold or at point of purchase.

Government and Companies: 
Demonstrate your commitment to health issues through promoting sport among young people.
Give out your Guides to school kids to raise their interest in sport.

Sporting Bodies: 
Increase interest in your sport by using your Guides to educate the population about your sport.

Venues and Corporate Boxes: 
When welcoming guests, your Guides will be a valuable reminder of your hospitality. They can include venue
and event information.

PR and Marketing Companies:
The Guides are a cost-efficient tool that are customisable to suit any integrated communication plan,
using the look and feel and graphic elements of a brand.

Event Planners:
Customise a Guide for a launch or a special event to provide guest with information about the sport or
event and your organisation.