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We offer 24-page Guides each dedicated to a single sport and a One-Volume guide to all the sports of a Multi-Sport games such as the Olympics. 

All Guides share the same characteristics:
- Maximum potential for branding
- Written for someone new to the sport
- Lots of pictures to illustrate what they’re seeing in real life or on TV
- Enough text to help but not swamp the reader
- Possibility for using 2 languages
- Photos customised as required
- Appeal to everyone from young people to adult
- Full of logos and colours and information from the company or sponsor
- Pages available for a letter from the sponsor, info about an event or season, where to get more info,
  advertising and so forth

The One-Sport Guide
- 24 pages
- Follows the action of the game
- Answers the basic questions about a sport everyone is always dying to ask
- No jargon, not too many rules, just a pleasure to look at
- 245 x 195mm standard size
- As little as 50p a Guide, depending on size of print run

The Multi-Sport Guide
- One to two pages per sport
- All sport including the para-sports can be included or not as required
- Gives interesting facts as well as basic info
- Sits happily on the coffee table and will be referred to time and again during the Olympic or other   Games